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Somewhere, deep down, Southern women suspect that we are descended from royalty. That secretly, we might actually be a princess. So, maybe, we should dress accordingly. Just in case.
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It’s took me 21 years but I’m officially heartless! Acting repulsively to everything is wonderful. It’s like my humanity is gone. It’s amazing having zero feelings and not giving a fuck.

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Per the man law code and if not it should be

I applaud this.

Ok so it was nice of him to do that and all, but are we just gonna ignore how fucking INGENIOUS it was for him to put it under the toilet seat?

Like, I’m simultaneously mad at the girl for cheating, impressed with the decency of the guy letting the boyfriend know, and blown away with the creativity of the placing the note there.
Many mixed feelings.

Yaaaaaaaaassssss 😂
People get drunk.
They kiss the wrong person.
And pretend to be okay.
People will do anything
to distract their heart.
They will do anything to
distract it from
missing someone.
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Can I please go
Bobby is not taking any shit tonight. 😂



People who hate on Kanye are the dumbest lol and its all cos of how white washed media portrays a confident black man

BEEN saying this

White washed media? Hahahahahaha. There’s a difference in confidence & arrogance. Doesn’t matter if he’s black, white, pink, purple, blue, he’s still a mother fucking arrogant prick.

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